Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW and Dr. Peter Banitt are presenting their paper on how PTSD both causes and is caused by heart disease and interventions at the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation annual conference in Long Beach, CA.  You must be registered for the conference to attend.

CEUs available for all health professionals.


Workshop Description:

Cardiovascular disease accounts for over 600,000 deaths in the US every year and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide (WHO, 2013). Through ongoing research like the Adverse Childhood Events Study (Ferlitti, et al.), evidence has emerged in the last five years that PTSD is a significant contributor to heart disease and the risk factors for heart disease (obesity, diabetes, etc.) Interventions and events around cardiac events can also cause or exacerbate PTSD. This interdependent relationship can lead to a profound downward spiral in physical and mental health that has largely been ignored in both medical and psychiatric literature. Treatment decisions regarding cardiac and mental health patients alike often do not incorporate this interdisciplinary knowledge, leading to poor outcomes in physical and/or mental health. In this paper cardiologist Peter Banitt, MD and medical social worker Susan Pease Banitt, will present the mechanisms of how psychological trauma translates into a physiology that sets people up for coronary artery disease, as well as the specific psychological risks of cardiac interventions and interventions. Cutting edge strategies for intervening in this negative cycle will be presented for use both in private therapy practices as well as medical settings.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Articulate how physiological systems (endocrine, nervous and HPA axis) get activated in psychological stress and PTSD and lead to cardiovascular disease, acute coronary syndrome and early death.
  • List the different types of cardiac interventions most likely to cause stress and psychological trauma to the patient under medical care for cardiovascular and heart disease.
  • Apply mind-body relaxation techniques to teach patients to promote cardiac health and treatment compliance by down-regulating their nervous system in any medical or psychiatric setting.

Sunday, October 26, 2014
9:00 am - 9:30 am

Westin Long Beach Hotel



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