Assessment, Information and Referral (AIR) Sessions

You have probably been looking for a therapist for a while now! Maybe you have been to 2 or 3 already. But you haven’t found the right one. Especially if you have PTSD, Complex Trauma  or a Dissociative Disorder (DID, OSDD etc.) And if you have satanic or cult trauma, pickings are extremely scarce. It’s hard to find therapists that know of these abuses, much less how to treat them.

Many therapists think they are qualified to treat traumas because they are “trauma-informed” or have been to a couple of workshops. In my experience it takes a long time to become trauma competent, especially where dissociation is involved. I have been cultivating a network of people around the country –and even internationally– whom I trust to deliver competent care for folks with PTSD, dissociative disorders and/or ritual cult abuse.

Since my practice is often full (I get 1-2 DID referrals a week!), I have started offering in-depth assessments and referrals for people serious about finding their next best psychotherapist or counselor. I don’t just hand out a list of names. I want to find out what is the best match for you. For example, do you want EMDR, somatic therapy or talk therapy? Where are you at in your stages of healing from trauma? Does your therapist need special knowledge (e.g. cults or government abuse) so that you can talk freely with them? What do you need to feel safe with a treater?

For an AIR session, I will ask you to fill out a number of forms to help me see where you are at and what you need. We then meet for a 90 minute session, at the end of which, I will provide you with recommendations and names for next steps in your healing. I cannot guarantee availability of the providers listed, but I can provide you with some assurance about the quality of their work. Sometimes I may recommend other forms of healing in conjunction with or before you seek out your next therapist. AIR sessions also serve as an initial session, workup, and entry into my practice when I have openings.

As a holistic practitioner myself and purveyor of a multi-dimensional model of healing I will look at the effect of trauma on all of your koshas: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual and discuss options that will lead you to total healing. No topic is too weird or unbelievable to discuss with Susan. Life is, as they say, stranger than fiction. Diversity of all kinds encouraged and welcomed!

The cost of an AIR session includes: 

Thorough review of intake forms prior to our session

One 90-minute meeting

After-session report summarizing diagnoses, next steps and names of potential providers

A 15 minute conversation with the provider of your choice as a warm hand-off

Disclaimer: Lotus Heart Counseling can offer no guarantee that a referred provider will have openings or accept the referral.

Assessment, Information and Referral (AIR) Session

Assessment, Information and Referral (AIR) Session


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