Whether you are suffering from a stressful period in your life such as a new medical diagnosis, life transition or loss or whether you are trying to heal from a stress condition such as PTSD, coaching can help you take concrete steps towards wellness and balance in your mind and body.

Coaching is not psychotherapy but can be done as an addition to or instead of psychotherapy . Coaching focuses on changing behaviors in the NOW. Psychotherapy looks at behavioral origins from the WHY and the WHO. Both are helpful when healing from extreme experiences.

As your stress reduction coach, Susan will help you put together a program of surviving and healing from stress that will address the needs of your body, mind and spirit in a way that transcends the usual psychological and pharmacological approaches for a package of TOTAL WELLNESS.

Please choose your package below.  SSVV code is for Students/Seniors/Volunteers or Veterans. Note: No Refunds are Available for Packages Beyond One Hour.

Hours/Packages (save up to $60.00 per session!)

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