Susan now offers Intensive Healing Sessions in SW Portland, Oregon. Intensives provide a 4-hour concentrated experience of healing using modalities personalized for your particular needs and issues. These modalities may include, but are not limited to: Integrated Reiki Therapy, Yogic breathing, Healing Meditations, Talk Therapy, Parts Work, Past Life work, Art, Movement, Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), Fire Ceremony and various other shamanic modes of healing.

Why Intensives vs Regular Weekly Therapy?

 Intensives provide an opportunity to go deeper into the body/mind for healing in a gentle supportive environment. The effects are profound and long lasting, often taking up to several weeks to fully integrate. Traditional therapy sessions just do not provide the time to get to deeper layers of the soma and psyche as an intensive does. Strong emotions can be processed without the worry of having to leave soon; there is enough time to go all the way through a release without having to close up prematurely. The unconscious mind realizes this opportunity and brings up deeper material to process as a result. You can use Intensives as a way to work instead of weekly work or as an adjunct to weekly work.

Is an Intensive right for me? How do I know what to work on?

 If you are already not an ongoing client Susan will speak to you on the phone for 15 minutes at the time of booking to make sure this is the right experience for you and answer questions. Follow your gut; your unconscious mind has led you here for your healing. Sit with the question for a few days and, if it feels right, make an appointment. Susan sends an extensive assessment and intake form prior to the session for you to fill out that will help you and she focus on the most important aspects of your healing for the Intensive. If you or Susan has a concern about your readiness for an Intensive, she will be happy to discuss it with you.

How do I make an appointment for an Intensive?

 Payment in full is required before an intensive. This is important for your body/mind to realize your level of commitment to the healing being offered. (Also, people are not usually in the headspace to handle money after an Intensive.) You may make an appointment with 50% down with the remaining 50% due before the appointment begins. There are no refunds, but credits will be offered in case of cancellation, good for up to one year. Cancellation due to health reasons is encouraged for both your safety and Susan’s.

How much does an Intensive cost? Will my insurance cover it?

 Susan charges her regular fee of $150/hour. Intensives are 4 hours long. Custom times can be arranged with prior notice. Susan does not work with insurance for safety, freedom, and privacy reasons. Your information will remain completely private, and a diagnosis is not required for an Intensive.

Do you work online or in person?

 Susan’s strong preference is to do Intensives in person when possible. Under certain circumstances a Zoom Intensive may be indicated. In person work requires a vaccination and/or a recent negative Covid test.

Can I bring my support animal?

 Yes. Susan also has a therapy dog, Shea, and cat, Pippin, who may want to help out in the session if you are willing.

How should I dress?

 Please wear loose comfortable non-synthetic clothing with natural fibers: wool, cotton, linen etc. Bring layers for doing outside work (Shinrin-Yoku or Fire Ceremony).

What is the best way to prepare for my session?   

 Take the time to fill out your assessment forms thoroughly and carefully; they will point your psyche and Susan in the direction of needed healing. Sit quietly from time to time for the two weeks prior to your session and create intentions for healing and visualize what you want the result to be. Abstain from alcohol and any non-prescription drugs for at least 72 hours prior to your appointment. Try to get a good night’s sleep for a few days before the session. Drink a lot of pure water!

What about after my session?

 Aftercare is an important part of healing. Ideally schedule your session so that you have adequate recovery time before you must return to work or heavy duties in daily life. If that is not possible, Susan will make accommodations in the healing process for you. Continue to drink a lot of pure water. Rest and be gentle with yourself. Healing is on the body’s schedule, not on society’s schedule; it takes as long as it takes. If you have a support person, make sure they are available to you post-session.

What can I expect for results?

 In general people feel freed up by Intensives. Stuck areas can be loosened; difficult to reach emotions accessed. You may feel relaxed and/or energized. You may be more grounded and have more access to internal resources. Occasionally, people may feel “worse”, that is, access some difficult emotions and/or memories or feel fatigued by the session. There may be some grieving afterwards. This is the “good pain” that moves us into healing (not unlike how a vigorous physical workout leaves us sore). After the “negative” feelings have resolved, you should feel quite a bit better and more alive, with greater insight and creativity.

Results vary according to the individual and the amount of healing work the client has already done. You may have a very dramatic session or a very peaceful, subtle one. Susan will check up with you a few days after your appointment to see how the integration is going with a complimentary 15 minute phone call or texting session.

Important Information

24 hours’ notice, minimum, is required for a cancellation unless in case of emergency. 72 hours preferred. If no notice is given 50% of the fee will be held and 50% credited. No refunds. Full credit will be extended as noted above in case there is a need to cancel or reschedule. In case of inclement weather, client will be given the option to do the appointment remotely or reschedule.



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