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Street Yoga: One of my Favorite Organizations!

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I found Street Yoga when I was writing The Trauma Tool Kit. They are an amazing group of people working hard to bring yoga and mindfulness to at-risk youth in need. If you are inspired please click on this link.

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Five Ways to Heal your PTSD

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1) Strengthen your “mind muscle” through meditation or mindfulness practice. Meditation is not “making your mind go blank”; it is focusing and calming the mind. The mind is like unruly horses, once you are in control, you can direct the mind where you want it to go. Otherwise it runs away with you (and often into flashbacks). This is the single most powerful aid to healing PTSD.

2) Eat whole, nutrient-rich and easily digestible foods. Our digestion suffers tremendously when we are stressed. PTSD is whole body event that depletes our energy and nutrients. Cut back on sugars, caffeine and alcohol that tax the body and especially your adrenals.

3) Find ways to safely tell your story, even if it is in a journal or through art. Finding your narrative and being heard are immensely healing. 

4) Safely release held feelings. Crying is necessary, and sometimes so is shouting. Go fight with the ocean waves, run, hit a ball, or watch a sad movie. All are helpful. Holding intense feelings in becomes toxic over time. So release!

5) Learn to comfort yourself. You have been deeply wounded. It is OK to focus on yourself during this time of healing. Comfort is always healthy and never creates further problems. In other words drinking alcohol is not comforting but avoiding. True comfort involves activities like: being out in nature, taking a long hot bath, getting a foot massage, listening to your favorite music, redecorating your space etc. If you need to wrap up in a large blanket and stare off into space, that’s OK. Balance comfort with necessary activity.

I feel for you and your suffering. I hope this helps!

Helane’ Wahbeh, ND

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Helane’ Wabeh for lunch yesterday.  Helane’ (pronounced Helen-ay) is a doctor of naturopathic medicine here in the Northwest.  She is on faculty at the National College of Naturopathic medicine and is conducting research at Oregon Health Sciences University on the effects of mindfulness meditation on people with PTSD.  Like myself, Helane has become convinced that healing from PTSD is a multidimensional process that needs to incorporate a spiritual component.  
In her private practice Helane’ uses a process called “drainage” to work homeopathically with stress related disorder, a treatment that was pioneered by Dickson Thom, ND.
She has a Mindfulness Meditation CD available for purchase at $20.00.
As Helane’s research proceeds, I will keep you up to date!

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