The world is more stressed than ever. Rates and intensity of trauma are rising. As Susan likes to say “every therapist is now a trauma therapist”. Susan is offering professional consultation to health professionals. She specializes in all forms of trauma and trauma related issues such as:

    • child abuse
    • domestic violence
    • Earth changes
    • dissociation
    • DID
    • sex trafficked people
    • organized abuse
    • ritual abuse and mind control\discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religion
    • religious/cult trauma

    Susan can also provide consultation around therapists who want to incorporate alternative and complementary modalities into their work:

    • Reiki
    • Shamanic Healing
    • Yogic Philosophy and Practices
    • Intuitive Psychotherapy
    • Energy Psychology.
    • Ascension/Awakening symptoms
    • Lightworkers or Starseed support

    Susan uses the ZOOM and Telegram platforms for secure, HIPAA compliant online work.


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