The world is more stressed than ever. Rates and intensity of trauma are rising. As Susan likes to say, “every therapist is now a trauma therapist”. Susan is offering professional consultation to health professionals. There are too many traumatized people for too few specialists. Susan’s mission is to help treaters retain clients and gain skills in the process!

Case Consultation and Supervision Topics for PTSD Related Issues

Child Abuse

Complex PTSD

Domestic Violence

Earth Changes

Dissociative Disorders


Sex Trafficking

Organized Abuse

Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Religious/Cult Trauma




Alternative Healing Modalities Consultation


Shamanic Healing

Yogic Philosophy and Practices

Intuitive Psychotherapy

Energy Psychology.

Ascension/Awakening symptoms

Lightworkers or Starseed support

Susan uses the Zoom and Telegram platforms for secure, HIPAA compliant online work. Recordings are available on the Zoom platform.

24 hours notice of cancellation is required except in case of emergency.



$150.00 – $225.00

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