“Susan Pease Banitt’s book is a gift for people who suffer from PTSD. She guides readers through the confusing maze of symptoms, and gives tools to enlighten and for treatment of the core causes of this crippling condition. And, since she suffered from it herself and came out the other side, she knows where of she speaks. Her book encompasses a wide range of healing modalities taken from the great yogic traditions. But there is something in it for everyone. And as a client of hers, I can’t recommend her highly enough, but only for people who want to get well. She is tough, smart, compassionate, knowledgeable, and expects you to do your homework. And if you do, there are great rewards at the end, because her system works.”

C.T.C.  Oregon

“The Trauma Toolkit book club was so much more than a book club for me.  Each week I looked forward to coming to a safe space to share, learn, listen, and grow together with a group of such wise individuals.  Susan has a way of connecting with each of us and inviting us to share and contribute, even when talking about some of the most sensitive topics.  Susan and her book provided me with a wealth of new knowledge that I will continue to implement into my own personal life as it regards wellness, healing, processing, and having a deeper understanding of myself.  I am also so grateful to have these tools to work with my own clients, family members, and friends….as a deeper listener and practitioner.  The only constructive feedback I have is that I don’t think this book club should end!  It left me wanting more, to go deeper, and to continue to build the relationships with the rest of the group!  There’s just so much density there that more frequent book clubs would be fantastic.”

Simone Levine

Latitudes Program Director, Carpe Diem Education

“I would highly recommend Susan’s book and class.  I attended after recovering a repressed memory of childhood sexual abuse.  The book is helpful as it is filled with various techniques and different ways of approaching PTSD.  The class is intimate and you get to know the others who are taking the class with you.  It is safe and interesting.  I would recommend this to anyone, as PTSD affects us all.”

K.C., Portland, Oregon


The Trauma Tool Kit offers what sufferers need: an easily understood explanation for what happens in the body, mind, and spirit, followed by a gentle, inclusive step-by-step guide to recovery.  The author speaks with authority, not just because of her professional expertise, but because she is also a survivor. Beautifully written, it is full of gems of wisdom anyone can use. I have added this book to my list of recommended reading for anyone in recovery.

—Julia Ingram, Hypnotherapist, NY Times Bestselling author of The Messengers.

As a life coach and healer, I have seen quite a few clients who suffer from PTSD. This often misunderstood condition creates a lot of fear and anxiety, as well as keeps people from rising to their full potential. Ms. Pease Banitt quite beautifully illustrates how to find our spirit in the midst of what ever you might be feeling and shares great techniques to provide ease, respite and allow healing to creep in at it’s own pace. Her book is patient and kind, the way envision the healing of this condition, as well as recognizes that we must be in it for the long haul. Her gentle approach isn’t the regular fix-it type book, it is one that you will find your self returning to again and again for ideas, insight and solace. I highly recommend it.

–Amazon reviewer


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